The Alkalux Guarantee

The 7-Year Alkalux DIAMOND Guarantee

The Alkalux Water Ionizer comes with one of the strongest warranties in the industry, and you won't see any loopholes or qualifiers involved whatsoever.

We offer a rock-solid 7-year "Diamond" Warranty on ALL Parts and Service.  There's no fine print and no hassles.

Other companies might require that you upgrade your filters every so often to maintain the warranty, or other scary requirements.  That's a scam.  So read carefully!

Here's our entire 7-year Guarantee on one place, with no fine print:

If you run into any problems with your Alkalux Water Ionizer, we'll either fix or replace the unit (usually within one week.)  If your unit is damaged, it will either be fixed or swapped with a comparable unit at no charge to you (except shipping fees.)  There is only one scenario in which your unit will not be covered under this guarantee, and that's accidental breakage (could be caused by dropping a unit or something similar.)  You are welcome to run our units with any type of water, and you can use them as often as you like, with as much water as you like.  Our Alkalux water ionizers are the absolute BEST that money can buy, and our guarantee proudly represents that.

The terms above stay in effect for 7 years after purchase.

75-Day Trial Return Period

After purchasing your Alkalux water ionizer, we want to make sure that you're 100% thrilled with your decision!  

That's why we offer a 75-day trial period, the longest you'll find anywhere in the industry.  Even if you keep your machine for 74 straight days, you can call us up and arrange to send it back for a no-hassle refund, less the cost of shipping.  There is an industry standard 15% restocking fee which will be subtracted from your purchase if you have already used the ionizer.

This trial period only applies to residential water ionizer units, and not to filters or portable ionizers.  It also applies only to retail purchases, not wholesale.

IMPORTANT: If you're not getting the results that you expected out of your water ionizer, please remember that our units are highly adjustable to fit the source water you're working with.  Give us a call at 855-255-2589 so a technician can walk you through the process of optimizing your water ionizer.  Generally, factory settings work perfectly well out of the box, but if you are experiencing issues it most likely means that the settings should be adjusted.  It's not unusual, so don't stress out! Just give us a call at 855-255-2589.

Terms and Conditions


Full payment is expected before anything will be shipped.    

Shipping Policy

Shipping costs are paid for by the purchaser in the amount advertised at the time of purchase.  In the event that any items are lost, the full purchase price plus shipping amount will be refunded to the purchaser, and an investigation will be opened with the shipping company.  

When shipping internationally, shipping costs may likely increase.  In the event that an item is damaged during shipment, the recipient is expected to hold the item until the shipping company can follow up and determine the cause.  

No items will be accepted for return without an RMA number.  Please read the next section for details on receiving an RMA number.

Refund & Return Instructions

Water Ionizer units are allowed to be returned for a refund within 75 days from the date of purchase (read the 75-Day Trial Return Period section above for full details.)  If an item is damaged during shipment, we will send a free replacement and open an investigation with the shipping company.

No returns will be accepted unless they come with an RMA number.  In order to ask for an RMA number, contact Alkalux before you ship anything back for a repair or a refund.  If the ionizer was used by the purchaser, a 15% restocking fee will apply to refund requests.  Completely unused products can be returned within 75 days for a full refund and won't be charged the restocking fee.  Nothing at all will be accepted for return after 75 days.


If you'd like to cancel an order, please contact us immediately.  If the item hasn't shipped yet, we can issue a refund on the spot.  If the item has shipped, then we will issue you a refund only after we've received the item safely back at our warehouse.